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What is Coaching?

When can I benefit from Coaching?

How and where does coaching take place?

What does coaching cost?

How can I get started?

What is coaching?

An authentic relationship providing . . .

Q: When can I benefit from Coaching?

You can benefit from a coaching relationship when . . .

How and where does coaching take place?

Individual, couples, and ministry team coaching is usually conducted by telephone on a weekly appointment. Distance is no barrier to providing you timely and consistent support.

Does coaching by phone work very well?

Here’s what a former participant has to say about a group coaching experience:
“I am continually amazed with the sense of attachment I have to people I’ve only ever typed to or heard. I have to conclude that nature and composition of the class combined with the telephone bridge also provides us with a powerful tool.”

Your call schedule will be customized to suit your needs and preferences. Coaching face-to-face may also be arranged

How Can I Get Started?

Is this the right time for you to take a giant step into your destiny? We are committed to giving you the information and experience you need to decide.

Contact us to set a time for your complimentary 30 minute coaching session. It’s that simple.

What Does Coaching Cost?

Coaching is usually billed by the month. Discounts for a three-month commitment and for paying in advance are provided for sustaining clients. Student and ministry discounts are available as needed. Coaches talk freely about the benefits and costs of coaching during your complimentary session.

Complimntary Coaching

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