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Coaching Testimonials

“We are all busy people and we don’t think about what would keep us fulfilled in life along the way, we wait until there is a crisis. [Coaching is] such a great way to keep from hitting that wall."
- Christine (Arts executive) Minneapolis MN

"Judi caused me to find some stuff in myself I suspected was there. I didn’t even know for sure if what we were finding was useful. I’m happy to say it was."
- Darren (Pastor) Fort Collins CO

"My coaching experience has helped me identify my values and strengths, giving me calrity for my life's mission, this brings a sense of purpose and satisfaction that effects my family and ministry.”
- Tammy, cross-cultural worker in former Soviet Union

Missionaries on coaching:

. . . your time this morning was very helpful. . . I will follow through what you have suggested. Thank you for all the hard questions you raised during our discussion last June.”
- Jomil (human resources professional) Southeast Asia

Thanks for the idea on the values integration. It will help. As always, your input/perspective is great; you are a gift to us.”
- Greg (country director for denominational missions agency) Eastern Europe

“Thanks so much, Judi, for your genuine interest in me and others as a reflection of your heart for helping people grow. . . I believe God is spurring me on toward a big vocational shift over the next 18 months. . .”
- Missionary on furlough, USA

"I can highly recommend Dr. Judi Iverson-Gilbert in terms of her professionalism and gift for helping people generate ideas, focus those ideas, and develop action steps to get where you sense God is leading you. She has worked with Hilary and me in the past and our time was quite worthwhile."
- Stu, Asian Access

"Missionaries must overcome many challenges to be effective in their work. Often their confidence is shaken when they are uprooted from all that is familiar and secure as they work in a culture that is not their own. Even routine tasks can became a great source of stress. Because of these challenges, I believe, missionaries may be some of the best candidates for coaching. . . . My coaching experience has helped me identify my values and strengths, giving me clarity for my life's mission; this brings a sense of purpose and satisfaction that effects my family and ministry."
– Tammy, Assemblies of God missionary former Soviet Union

Comments about Judi as a teacher/workshop leader:

“Once again thanks for the well thought out courses. Combined they have both put me on a new course of personal exploration and development that are aiding in necessary changes that I needed to make in my life.”
- Bob, organizational leadership grad student

“By the way, I didn't know a thing about online classes until I took this one, and I have to tell you that I've learned more in this class than in several face classes on campuses. You know what you're doing, for sure! Thanks a million.”
- Fran, university employee

“I truly enjoyed taking another online course with you as I was able to discover, ‘discipline.’ …. I contribute much of this to your leadership style and want to thank you . . for your feedbacks, encouragement and appropriately challenging us in our studies. Thank you, thank you and thank you.”
- John, a graduate student in leadership studies

“Thank you, Dr J, for everything. The two online courses have been the best for me in the… program. I wish I could take more of such courses. I hope to see you some day in Ghana.”
– Senyo, grad student

Complimntary Coaching

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