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The Equipping Company is committed to provide effective tools to increase your personal and professional satisfaction. ECo Tools can help your team or organization communicate more effectively, manage the dynamics of power and strength in the workplace, manage personal stress, and achieve work goals and commitments efficiently with excellence.

The Echo

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Free Tools

Please download and try out one or more of our FREE TOOLS right now. With ECo Tools you can discover your PQ (power quotient); de-stress your life; make more effective decisions; lead a more efficient and effective meeting for your staff or associates.

Power Pyramid

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Fee Tools

More complex tools -- designed for both individual and group use -- are available for minimal cost. These include a proven assessment of your preferred Communication Style – and the styles of your colleagues and family members. Our newest FEE TOOL is a suite of assessments to assist you in building a solid and dynamic Life Foundation.

Communication Styles

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Complimntary Coaching

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