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Tools and Support for Leaders and Learners

You may not be arriving by camel or camping by a desert sea, but we know you are on an important journey. You are constantly finding your way through the challenges of life. You may have a vision for your destination. You may still be working on finding that vision. Or perhaps you have recently been diverted from the destination you’d planned by unexpected events in your world or the world at large. Now you are choosing a new path with the decisions you make every day. Or perhaps you have been choosing by not deciding for now?

Whatever your journey, we believe we can help you to travel well, arrive on time, and accomplish your goals along the way.

The vision of the Equipping Company is that no one should have to travel alone or without the equipment that will make the journey successful and relatively comfortable.

ECo can provide the support and the tools for you to succeed.

Who does ECo serve?

Each day you learn something about life and how to get what you want in life. Whether your learning is formal or informal, intentional or haphazard, focused or piecemeal, you are by nature a LEARNER.

Likely, you are taking others with you. People are following you or traveling alongside you through life. Maybe it’s your staff or team at work or your family at home. Perhaps it’s people where you worship or a group in the community where you live. Whether by design and desire or by default, someone is looking to you as a LEADER.

ECo is dedicated to serving those who will serve others and make a difference in our world.

Complimntary Coaching

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